Will miss retiring members in historic debates, says PM Modi

RSTV Bureau


Speaking in Rajya Sabha while bidding farewell to the retiring MPs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented that disruptions in Parliament have unfortunately prevented several retiring members from being able to participate in debates on historic legislations like the triple talaq bill.

Without directly referring to the disruptions which have virtually washed out proceedings through the second leg of the budget session, he said it was unfortunate that the retiring members “lost an opportunity to leave their legacy” on important issues like triple talaq.

“It is unfortunate that the retiring members will not be part of Parliament when the long due decision on Triple Talaq is taken,” Modi said.

“It would have been much better had they left behind some good things but they could not get the opportunity,” Modi said, indicating the noisy protests which have disrupted the proceedings.

The Prime Minister also said that the responsibility of smooth functioning of Parliament lay not only with the opposition but also the government.

“It is not necessary that whatever happens in the Green House (Lok Sabha), should happen in the Red House (Rajya Sabha),” Modi said, adding the Upper House was a distinguished House with eminent members serving and playing a vital role in the Indian democracy.

Many members of the House of Elders would have thought of raising major issues vital to the country before retiring, but were debarred from the opportunity to leave behind their great ideals and legacy, he said.

Commending the contributions of all retiring members of the Rajya Sabha and wishing them well for the future, he expressed confidence after retiring from the House, they would play an even stronger role in social service.

The Prime Minister made special mention of some of the retiring MPs and their contributions including former Attorney General K Parasaran, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and former Indian hockey captain and BJD member Dilip Tirkey.

Modi especially mentioned Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien, saying he would be remembered for running the House smoothly even during crises and sending serious messages with a smile.

He also assured the retiring members that the doors of Parliament and his office would always remain open for them and urged them to continue sharing their thoughts on vital issues.

(With inputs from PTI)