Work towards the ideals of Ramarajya: Vice President

SansadTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

File photo of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu addressed the Rajtilak Dussehra Day celebrations in Delhi on Sunday.

The Vice President spoke on Bhagwan Ram and said that he was an embodiment of our culture. He called Ram an ideal man, an ideal human being, ideal ruler, ideal father, ideal son, because he did followed whatever his father said. The VP goes on to explain why Rama is always respected, adored, admired.

The Vice President also spoke about India’s independence. He said Mahatma Gandhi wanted Ramarajya in India after it became independent.

Ramarajya means an ideal rule, where there is no fear, where there is no huger, where there is no corruption, where there is no exploitation, where there is no discrimination, said the Vice President.

He urged everyone to work for the ideals of Ramarajya that Gandhi had envisioned, and see to it that the people are given a fair rule.

The Vice President said that Rama is our identity, our heritage. He further said that he was happy that the Nava Shri Dharmiak Leela Committee is regularly organizing Ramleela in order to remind the people about the great Rama, the great deeds he has done, the great example he has set before the country.

We must all work towards real Ramarajya, where there is no hunger, where there is no corruption, where there no exploitation, where there is no discrimination, on the basis of religion, he said.

He also called on the younger generation to learn about Ram and his ideals.

Finally, the Vice President in his speech, praised the Dharmiak Leela Committee for organising Ramleela regularly.